Jay Small

I am a digital-focused executive living near Nashville, Tennessee. And I’m a guitarist who has played in a few variety bands.
When they’re too much to tweet, sometimes I post thoughts and ideas here.

Old site revived

After many weeks of chipping away at technical challenges with a former hosting provider, I finally revived my personal site, jaysmall.com, with a simple theme and new hosting account at WordPress.com.

Since recent backups didn’t restore, I also went back and snagged a few old posts (thanks, Internet Archive Wayback Machine) from the past, oh, 15 years or so — some of these are reposts of articles I wrote for other publications even longer ago.

Once upon a time I was an active blogger, but many of those old, quick-hit posts just aren’t worth bringing forward. So consider what’s left here a “pretty-goodest hits” collection. Occasionally the observations from back then still ring true. But some of them sound horribly naive now. (Re-)enter at your own risk.

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