Early this year Ka and I incorporated Small Initiatives. She was engaged in long-term consulting to modernize an insurance agency, and I had accepted a couple of new clients for Web development work. We wanted the structure and protection of a corporation, and felt we would need it for the long haul.

Since then, we both finished our MBAs, her gig ran its course, and I became deeply involved in comprehensive restructuring in my day job that will occupy mindshare I might otherwise spend on clients. Meanwhile, the ceaseless paperwork and bookkeeping requirements of an S-corporation made the whole thing more stressful than useful.

As such, we happily dissolved Small Initiatives, Inc., effective a few days ago.

Ka and I will finish out work for current consulting clients, but have no plans to seek new long-term ones. We both remain open to speaking/presenting/discussion engagements, just nothing requiring long-term commitments of precious free time.

We will gradually phase out SmallInitiatives.com in favor of separate blog/personal sites at KaSmall.com and JaySmall.com. Hers is further along than mine — less data to migrate — and we'll post here when each site goes officially live. I would be far more concerned about loss of search optimization benefits if we received more than our current sprinkling of traffic.

(Ka, I suspect, looks forward to the day she flies free of restrictions on her ability to post political opinions, which she suffered while our posts were “blended” on the SI site because of my journalism background and employment at a news media company. I never blog on politics, but broken out of the SI shell, she just might.)

We'll also gradually retire the smallinitiatives.com domain from our e-mail addresses. You can already reach her at ka [at] kasmall [dot] com, and me at jay [at] jaysmall [dot] com. And humans know what to do to make those addresses work, right?