Bloglines beta site remains down this morning, victim of an expired and apparently neglected security certificate. Meanwhile, “classic” Bloglines still exhibits the classic problems that led me to try the beta months ago:

  • Item refresh counts out of whack
  • Showing thousands of old items as new
  • Too many visits by the “Bloglines plumber” (outages)

No one seems to care, so I'm done. I exported my subscriptions as an OPML file and moved my Web feed reading habits to Google Reader. I had tried GR once before, and found it hard to get used to; however, today's interface has evolved to where it feels pretty natural to me coming off Bloglines.

Call me shocked, SHOCKED that any company could let its brand or its technology hang out on a limb so precariously as IAC has done with Bloglines — not just this week, but over several months or longer. Maybe this neglect just demonstrates how completely Twitter and social nets trumped RSS as a consumer service to keep up with Internet content, leaving Web feeds mostly as a behind-the-curtain syndication/aggregation system from site to site.