Along with the impressively frequent “Loading…” and “There appears to be a server communication problem…” dialogs, the long-running beta of Bloglines sported a lean, mean new home page this morning.

I know installing and renewing SSL security certificates can be tedious and time-consuming; however, if you force your beta project traffic through an SSL connection you pretty much have to consider the certificate at or near Job 1.

I can still use “classic” Bloglines, which has no SSL requirement, but seems to sport many of the same reliability problems as the beta. Anyone have an RSS aggregator/reader suite you just love?

[Update (7:11 p.m. EDT, 6/2/09): The Bloglines beta remains down, but what really gets me is how little dialogue I'm seeing about it after more than 24 hours down. Just a handful of tweets, few if any blog posts, and no official posts I can find from Bloglines on the subject (not even on the “classic” version). Does Bloglines have so few users?]