I commend to you Steve Yelvington's detailed roundup of lessons learned and organizational advice from mergers of print-focused and online-focused content organizations. One of many key points:

“Done right, it's a big win. 'Convergence is, overall, a huge help to innovation,' said one online producer. A senior editor agreed: 'It's a monster plus. Convergence puts you in a position to succeed.' But, he continued, it only opens a door, and you have to walk through it. 'It doesn't guarantee success. That comes from leadership and teamwork. But it puts you in a far better position to head in one direction as a team.'

The dogpile of bad economic trends for newspapers may be the catalyst that induces convergence in our industry, rather than any brilliant strategic foresight. The reasons to do it no longer matter. Steve's post illustrates how convergence can improve performance, even if we can't all say we knew it from the start.